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Room 12
Koco Building
Arches Industrial Estate
Spon End
Coventry CV1 3JQ

Tel: 02476 670606

About us

Our aim is to improve mental health services by helping people who have accessed or are currently accessing services to be involved in the way services are planned and delivered.

We believe that:

  • People who have accessed mental health services are experts because of their experience.
  • Providers need to listen to people who have experience of their services if they wish to make things better.

People who experience mental ill health:

  • Should be fully involved in planning and delivery of services.
  • Have the right to have some control over the services that they receive.
  • Will adopt more effective coping strategies and recover quicker when they are involved in and have some control over the services and care they receive.

What do we do? We work with service providers to make sure that they:

  • Understand the experiences of those who access their services.
  • Value involvement at every level of decision making.

We work with people who access mental health services to:

  • Support and develop their skills, confidence and self worth.
  • Help them to address their needs by using effective communication.