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Room 12
Koco Building
Arches Industrial Estate
Spon End
Coventry CV1 3JQ

Tel: 02476 670606


We keep our members up-to-date with changes to mental health services in Coventry.


These are open meetings when we hear about the experiences of people accessing mental health services. They are relaxed occasions which allow people to feel comfortable about speaking, raising issues which may be of concern and also to enable positive feedback.


We attend many meetings around the city which facilitate people with experience of mental health services to take an active part in shaping the future of those services.


We work to create equal opportunities and real choices within all mental health services, past, present or future.


We offer training opportunities which equip people with the skills to input into the planning, development and improvement of mental health services.


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Information and Leaflets

Useful Information on Self Injury
Annual Report 2011 to 2012
Sexual Assault Community Research Document
Service User Research Champions Flyer 2012
Coventry Law Centre Guide to Benefit Reforms (Marc
AIHMS Newsletter
Annual Report 2012 to 2013
CQC Consultation Document December 2013
AIMHS Newsletter February 2014
Sarfraz Bolia - Pharmacist 2014
AIMHS Annual report 2013 - 2014
AIMHS Business Plan 2014 - 2015
AIMHS Annual Report 2011 - 2012
Members Feedback Comments from AGM 2014

Minutes and Meetings

Open Forum Minutes February 2012
Open Forum Minutes May 2012
Open Forum Minutes January 2013
AIMHS Forum Minutes July 2013
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AIMHS Forum Minutes September 2013
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AIMHS Annual General Meeting August 2012
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AIMHS Annual General Meeting August 2015