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Changes to Services......Coventry's New Central Booking Service? (Incorporating the Single Point of Entry)

23 September, 2014 by Andy

A new referral system which is supposed to get patients to the right service the first time has been launched.

The Central Booking Service (CBS) has been designed to manage all NEW referrals for all Coventry and Warwickshire Primary Trust NHS services, through one team of professionals.

The number to access the service is: 0300 200 111
email PAB@covwarkpt.nhs.uk or FAX: 024 7696 1560

Referrals are also accepted through the Choose and Book for services that are published on the choose and book system.

The Core Service operates: 8am until 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays)

Community Nursing Services operate: 8am until 8pm, 7 days a week (including weekends and Bank Holidays)

Mental Health Services operate: A Crisis Service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including weekends and Bank Holidays).

If you experience any difficulty accessing the Crisis Team - particularly out of hours, please let Coventry AIMHS know, use to 'contact us link' on the AIMHS website. You can to do this anonymously if you prefer or give us a call or drop us an email.

How the CBS service works?

All new referrals including those received by GP's, patients, carers, hospital consultants, and other agencies such as Coventry AIMHS, refer patients to Coventry and Warwickshire Primary Trust NHS Services using one central number, fax or email.

Once a referral has been received, the CBS team will gather all of the information that is necessary through a triage process, which enables a team of consultants and clinicians to assess and identify the individual needs of each patient.

If the referral is accepted through the triage process, a suitable appointment slot with (hopefully) the right service will be allocated and details will be passed on to both the patient and the referrer, where appropriate.

Please note - should the triage process conclude that the referral is not appropriate for the available services, the referrer will be notified in writing.

If you have been declined access to any service via the CBS route - please let Coventry AIMHS know about your experiences!! We are currently collecting responses where there have been issues or difficulty accessing services in our area.